Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our Christmas Tree 2007

We got our Christmas tree this weekend. Have I mentioned that I'm super happy?

Holidays 2007
Found the perfect one.

Got the tree home!
Got the tree home!

Assembling the tree stand
Assembling the tree stand

Helping hold up the tree while Kevin tightens the stand
Holding it for stand tightening

Naked tree
Perfect spot

Nomar checks it out
Nomar likes the tree.

Nomar Helping Ericka Study Trusts and Estates
Nomar helping me study Trusts and Estates

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

The happiest of Thanksgivings! Kevin and I got engaged the day before. I think my parents love him as much as I do. My mom said he already seemed like family when she met him.

Thanksgiving 2007
My parents' smiles are possibly even bigger than mine?

Thanksgiving 2007
I'm eating this entire bowl. I really like stuffing.

Thanksgiving 2007
Cute couple.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Engagement 2007

The day before Thanksgiving, Kevin proposed on the steps of the New York Public Library. He wanted to propose before the holidays; we were spending Thanksgiving with my parents and Christmas with his mother's large family. It wasn't our first holiday together, as we had already spent Thanksgiving together in Charlottesville in 2006 with his mother, brother, and cousin Katie. But it was our first holiday together since wedding magazines had suspiciously appeared in our apartment.

Our Engagement 2007

Our Engagement 2007
Kevin texting his friend Briggs right before proposing.

He proposed in New York, where we plan to live when I graduate law school because I have a job waiting there. Presumably, he chose a library because as the wife of a writer and writing professor, our home will be one? He made his high school friend Jon jump out and take pictures as it was all happening. Clearly, Kevin gets me.

Our Engagement 2007
I said "Definitely!"

This is the only time I have seen the planet spin while sober. It is really something.

Our Engagement 2007

Our Engagement 2007
I am happy.

Our Engagement 2007
Super happy.

Our Engagement 2007
NYPL picture.

Our Engagement 2007
Popping some champagne!

Our Engagement 2007

We stayed overnight in New York and checked out just in time to miss the Macy's Day Parade. Ha! Actually, I think I saw one float. That totally counts right?

Times Square  2007
Macy's Day Parade (sort of)

Thanksgiving 2007
Thanksgiving dinner with my parents the next day - very happy!
(More in next post on Thanksgiving.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vermont v. UVA Basketball 2007

Sunday, we went to the UVA basketball game yesterday. I sat in the student section with Roger, Brian, and Katy. Kevin sat in the grown up seat with Brady and their two friends visiting from DC, Cory and Chow.

Vermont v. UVA Basketball
Roger, Brian, Katy, and me (I'm not really this short am I?)

Vermont v. Basketball
Vermont v. UVA game. Woo!

Vermont v. UVA Basketball 2007
Cory, Chow, Brady, and Kevin

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Key West, FL 2007

While we were in Florida, Kevin planned a trip for us to Key West. I'd never been before. So fun!

Key West 2007
Southernmost Beach Cafe

Key West 2007
Looking heroic in front of Caribbean waters

Southernmost Point, Key West 2007
Southernmost Point, Key West!

Waiting for the Sunset in Mallory Square
Dock at Mallory Square

Drinking a really big beer
Kevin got a really big beer for sunset watching

Mallory Square, Key West 2007
Sunset did not disappoint

Key West, FL 2007
Watching the sunset
The Chelsea House in Key West
We stayed at the Chelsea House

Coincidentally, Janice and Darren left with Janice's family for a cruise from Key West the next day so we met them for brunch at the Banana Cafe before heading out.

Key West, FL 2007
Kevin, me, Janice, Darren at Banana Cafe

Monday, October 29, 2007

Megan and Ed's Wedding 2007

Megan and Ed got married! The wedding was in Florida where Ed is from, and Ed's mom helped with a lot of the arrangements. In Florida, there's always a threat of rain, so they kept the ceremony short and sweet. Thanks to their strategizing we were all inside right as it started raining outside.

Megan and her father
Megan and her dad

Megan's mother does a reading
Megan's mom doing a reading

The ceremony
Vows during the ceremony

The first thing we did before cocktail hour was take a big group photo of everyone at the wedding. I'd never seen that before and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Kevin and I copied that and the style of their invitations for our wedding. Suffice to say, I like their style. The cocktail hour was really fun in part because Megan and Ed actually attended their own cocktail hour. Again, it was the first time I had seen that, and Kevin and I copied that too.

Taylor Wedding 2007
Awesome group photo. 

Darren, Janice, Megan, and Ed
Darren and Janice with the bride and groom during cocktail hour

It's been five years but I still remember that the reception was beautiful, and the dinner was delicious, and they had an amazing cordial bar (with chocolate and coffee liquors) and a chocolate fountain. I loved that bar. And we all had a wonderful time celebrating and dancing together. It was really fun.

Laurie, Jamie, and Janice
Laurie, Jamie, and Janice

Taylor Wedding 2007 
Fake table photo missing Laurie (I think she was dancing?)

Taylor Wedding 2007
The beautiful cake

We were all so happy for the two of them. By the time they got married I had known Megan for 10 years. I had seen her be very happy before, enjoying herself with her friends, but since she met Ed, it seemed like she was permanently in that state of happy. When I met Ed in 2005, I thought he was great anyway. The reason I thought they were great together was that Megan was her best self with Ed. And all that beaming back and forth they did- wow. In five years, you can just look at them and see they haven't lost the magic. In many ways, they're even better now. They even run marathons together and have an amazing baby boy William.

First Dance
Even though this picture is from far away, I think you can see how happy they are.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mima's 73rd Birthday in FL 2007

Got a chance to visit Mima at her home in Florida on her birthday. Love her.

Visiting Mima in Miami 2007
Mima and me

Visiting Mima in Miami 2007
Kevin got to meet her too!