Sunday, March 9, 2008

Audra and Rob's Wedding 2008

It was lovely white wedding with snow! Audra and Rob got married while Audra is still attending law school with me at UVA, but they plan to live in North Carolina together after she graduates so they can start their married life there. We will always remember Audra's wedding ceremony, not only because one of the groomsmen locked his knees and took a tumble, but also because their ceremony was very personalized for them. The minister talked in terms of both religion and life practicalities, Audra's stepfather sang during the ceremony, and Audra and Rob read their own vows to each other. After Rob lifted Audra's veil and kissed her, their first married act was to pray together. And you don't need me to tell you because you can see for yourself in the pictures, but Audra was a beautiful and stunning bride.

Coming down the aisle together after getting married

A bunch of our friends from law school traveled to the wedding together. It was at the end of our law school Spring Break so we spent the whole week in North Carolina relaxing and looking forward to the event.

Padget Wedding 2008
Roger, Brian, Kevin, me, Audra, Sarah, Donald, Katy, and Josh

We had a lot of fun at their wedding reception. After the first dance, Rob danced with his mother, and Audra danced with her stepfather who sang to her as well. She has the same sort of close relationship with her stepfather that I had with mine, which is to say that they are our real fathers.

Padget Wedding 2008
Rob and Audra's first dance

Father-daughter dance

After dinner we had two flavors of cake, a white cake with strawberry coulis, and a groom's cake made of chocolate. I enjoyed the groom's cake so much that I dubbed it my birthday cake.

Padget Wedding 2008
Wedding cake and groom cake decorated just for Rob

Black-Tie Strawberry
I like that the strawberry is dressed up

We spent the rest of the evening hitting the dance floor with Audra and Rob's friends and family. I spent a little time dancing with Audra's California friends who are as awesome as they are beautiful, and some time photographing and chatting with Audra and Rob's Charlottesville friends, who I already knew a little because of pre-wedding events. Brian made friends with every last person at the wedding and led a few line dances. I am not talking about the electric slide because it was already 2008-- I'm talking more along the lines of Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide. There was even a conga line that basically the entire wedding got in. Even Donald!

Slide to the left, slide to the right!

Random guy blocking up the conga line
Conga line with everyone!

Seriously, Roger, Get with the Program

Roger spinning Katy

Padget Wedding 2008
Sarah and Donald being super cute

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Laurel 2008!

Casey and Victoria had a beautiful baby girl! We're going to go meet her as soon as we can! Congratulations!

2008 02-03 Laurel born b
Family photo of Victoria, Casey, Laurel, and dog Toby

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

We didn't specifically do something for Valentines Day, this year, but 4 days before Valentines we went to my 3L Barristers Ball. Then the following weekend, my parents hosted a little engagement party for me and Kevin in our apartment in Charlottesville. Kevin and I have been engaged for almost 3 months now. Woo!

Barristers Formal - 3L Year
At our place before Barristers Ball

Barristers Ball 2008
Dancing! 2/9

Barristers Ball 2008

Ericka's Family 2008 
Our engagement party at our place in 2008, 2/16

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kevin's 28th Birthday 2008

For Kevin's 28th birthday, we went back to Mas again this year, but this year we kept it to just the two of us. First engaged birthday! Love this guy!!

Kevin's 28th Birthday at Mas
Old man.

Kevin's 28th Birthday at Mas
Post-mojito happiness

K's 28th Birthday
Happy birthday!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's at Rodney and Uli's 2007 --> 2008

Uli and Rodney invited all of us over for New Years and we had a fabulous time. Lots of dancing and special German traditions for New Years, since Uli is German.

New Years 2007-->2008
Rod and Uli toasting to the New Year

More Living Room Photos
Sarah, Lukas, Peter, Brady

New Years 2007-->2008
Happy New Year!

Uli and the Baron Dancing
Uli and Rodney dancing

Lukas and Uli Dancing
Lukas and Uli dancing

Uli and Lukas Dancing
Lukas and Uli dancing

The Baron and Robin Dancing
Rodney and Robin dancing

New Years 2007-->2008
Brady and Uli dancing

New Years Eve 2007 --> 2008
Cory and Peter dancing

The Baron Putting the Moves on Kevin
Conga line: Kevin and Rodney

Conga line: Lars, Robin, and me

Uli taught us some German New Year's Eve customs. She made us the traditional soup. Then she showed us how to make tell our fortunes for 2008.

The Traditional Onion Soup
Break for traditional German New Year's soup

Lighting the Fortune-Telling Candle
Lighting the Fortune-Telling Candle

Heating the Fortune-Telling Metal 
Heating the fortune-telling metal

It's a Predator?
After cooling, this Uli's fortune

Ericka Heats Up her Fortune
Heating my fortune

My fortune for 2008
My 2008 fortune!

New Years 2007-->2008
Brady has a new friend

Dancing in the New Year
Back to dancing!

More dancing!

Dancing in the New Year
More dancing!

New Years 2007-->2008
Brady, Peter, and Kevin

Lars and Rodney wish you a happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in Cape Cod 2007

Kevin and I went to Cape Cod to celebrate Christmas with his family. I'd met his mother and brother before but he was waiting to propose before he brought me to the big family Christmas.

Christmas Eve 2007
Kevin's mom Kathy and his brother Andrew

Kathy's Christmas Tree
Kathy's Christmas tree

His mother lives in an apartment attached to her friends Dave and Dolores's house, so we had Christmas Eve dinner with them and their son, also named Kevin) and wife Monica.

Toasting the Engagement!
Kevin A toasting the engagement

Christmas Eve 2007
Christmas Eve snuggles

On Christmas we went to his grandparents' house for some traditional Chinese food. His mother's side of the family is Grandpa Buff, Grandma Ruth, Kathy, Aunt Nesie and her husband Steve (not pictured), Aunt Mary, Uncle Dickie, Kevin, Andrew and cousins Katie and Chris.

Christmas 2007
Kevin's maternal side on Christmas Day: Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle, and cousins

Rogers's Christmas Tree
Grandparent's Christmas Tree

Christmas 2007
Investigating the Chinese takeout

The day after Christmas, we went back to Dave and Dolores's for a family engagement party. Kathy's family was there again, as well as family from Kevin's side, and Kathy and Dolores's book club.

Cape Cod Engement Party 2007
Kevin's father's side uncle, aunt, and cousins

Cape Cod Engagement Party 2007

Cape Cod Engement Party 2007
Ice cream cake is my favorite!

Cape Cod Engement Party 2007

Since my grandparents also live on Cape Cod, about an hour away in Truro, we went to go visit them the next day.

Christmas Week 2007
With Grandma Catherine

Christmas Week 2007
Grandpa James

It was a wonderful holiday and visit full of wonderful people.