Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas 2005

We left Thursday right after finals to go home. I spent Friday lazing around with my parents and we went to Rick and Yohanna's for Christmas Eve. Not doing too well with the pictures this year, and I didn't get any pictures there but I took a few before we left the house. Christmas itself was low key as usual.

Christmas 2005
Me, Dad, Mom

Christmas 2005
Tree all lit up without my camera flash

Christmas 2005
Dad and Mom

Christmas 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

After Fall 1L Exams 2005

First semester of law school is over! After we were done with Civ Pro, after the tears, we went out to Jaberwoke with the rest of the law school to eat, drink, and forget. We also celebrated Tiffany's birthday!

After Fall 1L Exams 2005
We're done! Me, Sarah, and Audra at Jaberwoke

Last Day 1L First Semester 2005
Julie, Tiffany, and Selina- Also TIffany's birthday!

Last Day 1L First Semester 2005
Brian and Donald

Last Day 1L First Semester 2005
Roger and Sarah

Last Day 1L First Semester 2005
Josh and Vida

Last Day 1L First Semester 2005
Josh and his wife Betsy
Last Day 1L First Semester 2005
Cyndra and her family: Larry and Leah (two pictures to get the best in)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fall 1L Finals 2005

Condensed because of limited time while studying for finals.

Wednesday, December 7: Last day of classes in the first semester! Torts was my last class. Reading Days officially begins!

Saturday, December 9: Audra, Jane, Amy, Ryan, and possibly others get together to review a Torts exam at noon.

UVA Law Fall Finals 2005
Sunday, December 11- Studying Torts, Drinking Tea

UVA Law Fall Finals 2005
Seth possibly studying

Sunday, December 11, 10 pm: Audra, Jane, Lauren, Jerry, and I got together to go over some practice Torts exams the night before the test.

Monday, December 12: I finally finished my first law school exam, and it was rough. Since it was Torts, basically everyone got into a car crash with everyone, someone fell off a ceiling pipe, someone got hit by a train, someone tried to sue a neighboring factory because he couldn't sell his house, and, my personal favorite for obvious reasons, a drunk fell into a hole in the street and sued the hole-makers. After 4 hours of sorting out law suits and developing a new-found legal philosophy I'm relatively sure I didn't fail, but since everything is on a curve, getting a good grade depends on other people doing less well than I did. Now I have to go back to studying criminal law.

After the exam our peer advisors met us with milk and cookies.

Tuesday, December 13, 10 pm: Audra, Jane, Lauren, Jerry, and I got together to go over some practice exams.

Wednesday, December 14, 7:30 pm- Audra, Jane, Lauren, Jerry, Roger, Sarah, Josh L, and I meet in Scott Commons to go over practice Criminal Law exams.

Even though I also study with groups of people, I become paranoid about groups of law students I see studying together.

Thursday, December 15: Criminal Law Exam in the afternoon. I was super excited that I got my favorite chair to sit in for the exam. That matters when you're writing a test for 3 hours. This exam was like sprinting ten miles and then falling flat on your face at the finish line, only maybe more painful. The exams I have coming up are going to be worse. And then when we got home We had five hours of black-out. The entire town was out except for one Applebee's. Living in the woods is sweet!

We had a power outage... while we were studying for finals.

Charlottesville Blackout 2005
This is me studying by flashlight... because I'm HARD CORE

Charlottesville Blackout 2005
Akure lit candles to read by

Charlottesville Blackout 2005
Seth making a fire so we can stay warm and study!

At least I'm 2 down and 2 to go!  The two to go are the worst ones.

Saturday, December 17- Roger told us our Civ Pro Professor posted practice exams on LawWeb. Um, the professor never told us? Thank you Roger!

Sunday, December 18: Pipe in my bathroom randomly starts leaking water.

Monday, December 19: Contracts, closed book exam.

I feel like I'm losing my mind. I still feel unprepared for the Civ Pro test. Hopefully I can fix that all tomorrow, but doubtful. Dreaming of Wednesday night after all the exams are over is the only thing that is keeping me going right now... Closed book Civ Pro is the worst.

When I got home I had a law firm rejection addressed to Mr. Ericka. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 21: Last exam of the first semester was the worst! There was a question that asked about a very specific part of one case. If you didn't know what it was there was almost no way to address it and it was worth a lot of points. The worst part is that we're graded on a curve, and for reasons involving mostly luck the other section had discussed those exact words before walking into the exam. Prior jurisdictional competency.

Still in shock, we then stumbled into Scott Commons where the SBA was providing kegs and our peer advisors had champagne for us. We then went to dinner to celebrate being done and Tiffany’s birthday. Our final bar review party was at Jaberwoke– Law School gets $2 Rails, $2 Pints so a mess basically, more on that soon...

Top Ten Funniest Things Section B Said About that Exam:
10. I tried to deduce the meaning from the grammar of the sentence. - Lots of people
9. I read the entire packet, twice. I knew it wouldn't be in there, but what else was I going to do. - Lots of people
8. I was in denial, so I kept looking for the second sentence of the question, but it was all about word count. - Lots of people
7. "I was in denial so I looked up at the board to see if he had left a hint." - Ericka,
"The kid in front of me did that too, he put on his glasses to do it." - Brian.
6. "The man told us the end time of the exam three times slowly like we were dumb, and then he gave us that question."
5. "I think that exam was a violation of the Geneva Convention."
4. Damn it! I knew I should have slept with the professor. - Lots of people
3. Sitting in a row: Zach: Fuck!, Brian: Fuck!, Audra: Fuck! *laughter*
2. "Think Jerry, think! Think Jerry, think!" - Jerry
1. "I considered writing about Richard Pryor, but it's not even spelled like prior." -Sarah

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

First Snow! 2005

Yesterday was the first snow here! It is so pretty here! And not really that cold.

UVA Law Snow 2005
Front of the law school

UVA Law Snow 2005
Inside Spies Garden

I've been studying for finals. My entire grade is based on one exam in each class! 

I wish I had grasped how difficult Criminal Law actually was. I was enjoying reading the little case book "stories" and now that finals are upon me I finally grasp that the important thing is knowing how to apply mens rea. So I'm trying to sort that out now. 

I also discovered my Torts professor hates torts. He believes in the insurance system instead, so I'm trying to figure out how to work, "but insurance would work better" into all my answers. 

Civil Procedure is evil. And I'm not totally sure I know what is and isn't a legally-binding contract is yet, but I guess the test will tell me. Today is my last Civ Pro class! 

 Ivy Gardens Snow 2005
Frosted trees outside my balcony

Thursday, December 1, 2005

1L Summer Job Letters 2005

UVA Law also affectionately calls this the "1L Mail Merge." We write letters to firms and organizations seeking summer legal jobs. I'm applying to 80 different places. Letters go out today!

1L Mail Merge
Envelopes, Cover Letters and Resumes!

1L Mail Merge
Ready to go in the mail!