Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

I stayed in Charlottesville for Thanksgiving. I'm becoming more and more overwhelmed as we get closer to finals. That's why I decided not to make the trip up for Thanksgiving. For most of the weekend, I was buried in a Torts outline. I should currently be buried in a Criminal Law outline but I can't make heads or tails of the subject so I'm procrastinating instead.

I invited my parents to come down here, but they weren't too sure because I had to study and because they were already trying to avoid traveling to the Cape, so an even longer drive to Charlottesville didn't beckon them.

I didn't miss out on Thanksgiving dinner though- in fact, we had two! Sunday, the 20th, we had a section Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner at 6:30 at Jane's apartment. The section dues provided the turkey and everyone else brought sides and desserts. Brian actually cooked the turkey which is brave.

Keg Race 2005
I didn't take any pictures- so here's a good one of Lauren, Jane, and Brian from before

Then on the actual day of Thanksgiving, Joe got the Harris Teeter Thanksgiving meal package and fed the few people from my section who stayed here: Aaron, Audra, Jerry, Josh G, Justin, Aaron, and Nathan. Jerry brought pie and the rest of us brought alcohol.

Professor Leslie's Party 2005
Again- no pictures from the actual day but here's Joe and Nathan

Friday, November 4, 2005

Keg Race Against Section F 2005

On Thursday, we had a section mixer keg race with Section F at someone's house before Bar Review last night. I actually love Section F. BF= BF. I did however get pretty competitive about this keg race because 1) they already beat us at softball, and 2) I talk to them a lot so I anticipated a lot of smack talk if they won. Alas, every last person in their section came and partied and they beat us. At least they're awesome.

Keg Race 2005
Me with Alec and Akure from Section F

Keg Race 2005
Section F friends: Akure, Tiffany C, Andrea, and Kristen

Keg Race 2005
Section B buddies Justin R and Jim

Keg Race 2005
Joe and our peer advisor Adam

Keg Race 2005
Lauren, Jane, and Brian

Keg Race 2005

After the section mixer/keg race/ pre-party was over we joined other law students at the bar review at Starr Hill bar.

Bar Review 2005
Tiffany N, me, John, Kathy P, Julie at Starr Hill

Bar Review 2005
Tommy at Starr Hill

Tiffany, Kathy, Brian and I wandered away on the corner and ended up joining some other people at Buddhist Biker Bar.

Bar Review 2005'
On the Corner

Buddhist Biker Bar 2005
Kathy, Tiffany, me, and Brian at BBB