Friday, April 22, 2005

Unofficial UVA Law Happy Hour in DC 2005

I went to UVA Happy Hour at Mr. Smith's yesterday. I'm not a fan of that bar because the wait staff is actively rude and hostile. I looked around trying to figure out who was here for the happy hour since no one mentioned how we would identify each other. It was unofficial, just set up by one of the admitted student Ben on the UVA Admitted Students Forum, and I had actually agreed to go to before I offically received my acceptance (when I got into the forum and thought it might mean I was accepted).

Mr. Smith's
Mr. Smith's

The first person I ran into was Ben who set it up. He was very friendly and we both worried about how people were going to figure we were the UVA group.

Next came Adam, a Harvard graduate who was friendly at first, and asked all the rote questions 1)Are you decided on UVA? 2) Did you send your deposit in? 3) What undergraduate did you attend? 4) Where do you work? 5) What do you do? You'll excuse me then if this is the main information I have to provide on all these people I met. I'd rather tell you their funniest joke or most interesting thought, but that's not the way the conversations went. So Ben admitted he had originally really wanted to go to U. Chicago where he also studied undergrad. As the night went on Adam got less and less friendly and more and more bored with everyone.

Then Dawn joined us, who I think went to college in Ohio somewhere. She seemed like a really nice down-to-earth person. Also, she doesn't like her current job.

Then Jason came in, and I didn't recognize him at first. He went over to Adam and started talking to him and because they're both tall with floppy brown hair and dark eyes, I was thinking how much they looked a like, when Jason looked up and said, "I know you." Apparently he is Eric's best friend from high school. Eric, for those of you who don't remember is the guy from WV that I dated on off in 2004. Jason mentioned me dating Eric like three times during the evening. And he said he'd seen me at the metro after work all the time. He never actually came up to me and said hello, and he told me all about how many times he'd seen me there.

He asked me if I was really depressed after the election, and I said yes. Then I told him I actually ended up dating a guy because he was more depressed about it than I was and it touched me. After that he stopped bringing up Eric. In all though, I thought it was nice that he made a special effort to talk to me.

Some more people came in, but I started losing track of names and faces. A girl named Sarah, a girl named Akure who was super nice. A girl named Kelly that was a little snooty. A guy named Erik, and we made the appropriate "like your name!" remarks.

I tried to talk to a guy named Thomas, but every time I got near he was discussing softball, a topic that I have nothing to say about. He's trying to get a team of UVA Law accepted student to play softball against other teams in a league. Apparently softball is a big deal at UVA. He's an economic research analyst at FDIC. He's 24 and went to Cornell for undergrad. Today he went on the law school forum and posted that he'd created a UVA Law '08 group, which I thought was so totally something I would do. So I went online and joined the group, and then added him as a friend.

Little by little everyone left, and Erik and I were the last ones left, so we decided to go get some food. We went to Uno's and chatted over dinner. He said he'd actually gotten accepted the previous year, but had deferred because he was really enjoying his job and making good money. He told me about his rough week. His roommate came and joined up with us later. Afterwards, Erik gave me a ride to the Roslyn metro.

Monday, April 18, 2005

UVA Acceptance! 2005

I'm back from visiting Ash in Connecticut this weekend, and when I returned, I had an acceptance letter from UVA in my mailbox! Woo-hoo!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

UVA Acceptance? 2005

Um, okay I have reason to suspect I'm in at UVA. UVA!

So here's what happened. UVA has an applicant status page and an admitted students site. Every day I check the applicant status and there's no decision, then I try to log in to the admitted students and it says" error, you can't access this page" or something like that.

Today the applicant status says "decided" and it says that I will receive mail in 7-10 days. They don't release the decision on email or by phone. But on the accepted students' page I'm automatically logged in!

Also, it's my parents' 20th anniversary! Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

  DC Cherry Blossoms 2005
Picture from April 9, also my new UVA admitted student site- Jefferson Memorial!